My Wedding in a Méhari

... or in a 2CV!

A special car for a very special day…

Are you an enthusiast or a fervent admirer of classic cars who wants to make a special moment a unique day? And why not on your wedding day? Then it’s time to experience your Boda in a Mehari… or a 2CV! Discover Andalusia in a different way.

Get out of the ordinary and let yourself be seduced by a unique “retro” car and see life as a Mehari or 2CV!

The bride and groom are the star couple of this unique event, so why not stand out right down to the four wheels? After all… once you’ve chosen your outfits, the reception hall, the location of your guests… there’s still one more important point to perfect your day: the choice of the originality of your travelling companion!

A bit of exoticism, getting off the beaten track by travelling in one of the most mythical and pleasant vehicles due to its timeless aestheticism.

Still in doubt between the Mehari and the 2CV? Which model should you choose?

We will guide you through the ages with these few lines to help you make your choice!

Happily married couples have put their trust in us...

Your Boda in a Mehari ...

The beautiful days are fast approaching, the first signs of spring and summer are now in the air. It’s time to take off the cover of your Mehari, which is waiting patiently in the garage.

This car, a real treasure from the old days, is nowadays a very popular means of transport for its “great freedom” appearance.

So imagine yourself leaving the church, taking the wheel of your Mehari, its floral finery giving you an incredible allure in the midst of family and friends, all present to cheer you on.

With your hair blowing in the wind, the air coming in from all sides, you magnify your day in a Mehari and all the actors are there to immortalise this event with flashes and videos.

... Or in a 2CV!

If you prefer to have a little less air, so as not to damage your long-prepared hairstyle too much, no hesitation… the 2CV will be made for you.

This other model has crossed 4 decades with its well-known silhouette, it is indeed the vehicle that will remain engraved in the hearts of all generations.

Its soft and rounded forms give it the air of the “Madame” of yesteryear, and you will certainly not go unnoticed in this car, which is not affected by the ravages of time.

Rather chic and a bit bohemian, climb aboard without further ado!