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The 2CV HOLIDAYS team is first and foremost made up of people who are passionate about the 2CV and also the Meharis, emblematic French cars from the famous CITROEN brand, which is so representative of France from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The idea is to share our passion with you, if you are not already “contaminated” by these legendary cars.

The human element is very important, which is why it is essential to place it at the centre of the relationship.

Our objective is to please by reviving, for the older generations, or discovering, for the younger generations, these formidable cars that are the 2CV and the Meharis.
A true art of living at the pace of yesteryear to discover, on board these incredible vehicles, this rare pearl that is Andalusia, with a cultural heritage as rich as it is exceptional, a large part of these famous cities (Malaga, Seville, Granada,…) being classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

“Pleasure is gathered, joy is picked and happiness is cultivated!”


Our Concept

“2CV Holidays is without a doubt the reference for 2CV and Mehari enthusiasts in Andalusia.

The aim is to (re)discover our region, as rich as it is historical, through its surroundings, its natural, cultural and, of course, gastronomic wonders, while enjoying driving our mythical vintage cars!

We are ready to share unique driving sensations, in a vehicle of yesteryear, and why not, to awaken in you childhood memories or a new passion?


“We ask them to love their fellow man…as much as their car!”

G. Cesbron

2CV Holidays at 10 minutes from Málaga airport!